Periodontal Fiber Can Treat Your Infected Gums - To Help Save your Natural Teeth

What is periodontal disease - and do I have it?

Yes, your dentist has diagnosed some degree of periodontal disease and unfortunately it doesn't go away by itself. Periodontal disease starts when bacteria form a sticky film along the gumline. This film, known as plaque, irritates the gums if not effectively removed by brushing and flossing. Eventually, the disease process can destroy the tissue that holds the teeth in place, as well as the bone that supports the teeth -- leading to tooth loss.

Why is my dentist recommending site specific antibiotic treatment?

Your dentist has found a periodontal pocket -- an area where the gum has separated from the tooth. Bacteria that form in this pocket are not easily removed and can cause infection. As part of your treatment program, your periodontist has recommended site specific antibiotic treatment.

Your periodontist is recommending that an antibiotic be inserted in your periodontal pocket. The powder contains the antibiotic minocycline, and releases this medicine into the pocket to help kill the bacteria and treat the infection.

After the antibiotic treats the gum infection, you should expect a reduction in the depth of the pocket - and the area will be easier for you to keep healthy. Significant improvement may not be immediately noticeable.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

Ninety percent of patients experience no discomfort during the procedure. Be sure to let your dentist know if you experience pain or swelling at anytime during therapy.

Can I eat whatever I want with the antibiotic in place?


Can I continue to brush and floss?