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The 3 Stages
of Periodontal Disease

First stage: Early Periodontitis

Continued inflammation of the gums can result in gums pulling away from the teeth, allowing for formation of "pockets" filled with bacterial plaque, calculus (tartar), food debris, and pus.


This painless infection now has resulted in damage to the bone (socket) supporting the teeth.

Healthy tooth and gum vs Diseased tooth and gum diagram

Second stage: Moderate Periodontitis

Further spread of the gum infection results in further loss of bone support. Lose, shifting teeth, and more obvious recession of the gum can be seen.

Third stage: Advanced Periodontitis

Advanced gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Painful gum abscesses can occur as the deeper infection gets trapped under the gum, resulting in a buildup of painful pressure and loose teeth.

Periodontal Disease Can Also Impact Your Health

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